The Perl Story

Once upon a time — sometime late in the last millennium — a smart, resourceful guy was newly-arrived at a specialty consulting firm. One day, the firm had a problem. A custom-written utility program, designed to streamline a key business workflow, had suddenly stopped working as it should. The new guy was approached by the team leader.

"Do you know Perl?" he asked. The program had been written in the multi-purpose Perl language.

"No", answered the new guy, "but I'll take a look at it." That same day he went to his local bookstore, where he bought a Perl book. And he checked some on-line resources. Then he reviewed the broken program, line by line.

The next day he re-wrote the program, replacing a misguided reliance on default behaviours with explicit code.

The changes worked. The important workflow began flowing again. And it stayed that way, forever after.

Never underestimate the ability of a smart, resourceful guy to solve unanticipated problems quickly and efficiently — and in ways that provide "best practice" examples for the future.

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